Police Arrest Babysitter in Daytona Beach on Charges of Felony Child Neglect


A Florida babysitter was arrested in the Daytona Beach area for felony child neglect after she came up with the bad and dangerous idea of putting a stroller containing an eight-month-old baby into the back of a Dodge Ram pickup truck. The driver of the Dodge Ram, who was identified as “Mr. B. White,” began to drive around on two of the county’s busiest roadways until police were able to successfully pull the vehicle over after multiple 911 calls from alarmed motorists. Though it is unclear the babysitter, Keyona Davis, chose to put the baby in the truck bed instead of the cab, police say that the incident could have led to serious injury or death. Thankfully, the eight-month old was not injured during the incident and is now safely with his mother while Davis sits in Volusia County jail in lieu of $5,000 bond.

Common sense and diligent supervision are vital to the well being and protection of a child under the care of a babysitter, day care center, or child care center in Florida. Unfortunately, many child care providers put children at risk for serious personal injury and even death in some instances.

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