Playground and Other School Related Injuries in Florida


More than 53 million children nationwide spend over 25 % of their waking hours in school or on school grounds. Over the years, I have handled several playground and school related injuries. Teachers and other school employees have a duty to supervise children at school. This especially applies to elementary aged students. Supervising would include watching out for the children on the playground and other parts of the school. It also involves watching out for bullies and other school related violence. Sometimes, a child gets hurt from a innocent prank gone wrong. The prank took place because children were not properly supervised. Whether it is on the bus, sports fields, or classroom, parents like myself relay on teachers and other school employees to watch over our children. Attentiveness and safety measures can and do avoid problems and injuries. You can learn more about school and playground related injuries at Safe Kids USA – a website that whose “mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children 14 and under.”