Plant City (Hillsboro County), Florida – Three Children Injured while Trying to Protect Mom from Dad


Three small children may have saved their mother’s life recently. Their mother was washing dishes when her boyfriend and the children’s father, Jose Oliva, attacked her with a pocket knife. He reportedly threatened to take the children away from her and go back to Mexico if she ever tried to leave him. He then allegedly punched her in the back. The three children, all around pre-school age, then intervened to try to stop him from hurting her. Oliva apparently backed off. When he fell asleep sometime later, the woman escaped from the home with all three children and called the Hillsboro County, Florida Sheriff’s office.

The children suffered some bumps and bruises from the attack. Oliva was arrested without incident. He is being held on charges of domestic violence battery by strangulation, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and tampering with a witness. His bail has been set at $57,500.

Domestic violence is far too common in Florida homes and throughout the United States. Unfortunately, children are often caught in the middle of domestic disputes. Parents should always act in the best interests of a child rather by responding to the heat of the moment. Children are harmed psychologically when they witness violent events or even threats of violence.

Mr. Oliva will be entitled to the services of a a criminal defense attorney or public defender. Of course, in many domestic violence situations, there are several versions of the events. This case will be handled in criminal court. It may also be dealt with in family law court in custody and visitation proceedings.

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