Pit Bull Attacked Care Provider – Broward Deputy Sheriff Shoots Dog


Dogs can be unpredictable and powerful. In Broward County, Florida, Angela Owens, who works as a bus driver for the Miami Dade County School System, was bitten by a Pit Bull dog recently. Stephen Robinson, her husband, had agreed to do a favor for a friend by caring for the animal. When Mr. Robinson had opened the door to the cage to change out the water, the dog attached Angela Owens. It was quite a traumatic ordeal for Angela Owens, who declined immediate transport to the hospital, but will likely need some kind of medical care.

As a safety measure, the Broward County Deputy Sheriff, who responded to the scene, shot and killed the dog.

Dogs can be quite unpredictable and, at times, will attack their owners or caregivers. You can read more about this story at Pit Bull Shot by Broward Deputy Sheriff.

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