Pit Bull Attack in Orange County Near Apopka Shows Dangers of Pit Bulls


A Pit Bull in Orange County, Florida near Apopka critically injured a 6 year old boy. The boy was playing with the neighbor’s dog when the incident took place. The injuries were so severe that the boy was rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center via medical helicopter. The Orange County Animal Services department will quarantine the dog for 10 days and complete an investigation.

Pit Bulls are frequently mentioned in news reports as “fighting dogs” and as “dangerous dogs”. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study and determined the Pit Bulls are the breeds of dog most often involved with fatal dog attacks. Based on these statistics and general concern for the safety and well being of children as well as adults, many local government entities have banned Pit Bulls as a breed. You can read more about Pit Bulls and their breeds, attacks, and banning atPit Bull – A Comprehensive Analysis.

Florida law makes a dog owner liable for any injuries caused by the dog even if the dog had no prior dog bites, propensities, or indications for aggression or violence.