Pick Up Truck Crashes into an Orange Park Florida Home

A 7-year-old girl escaped serious injury last week when a full-sized pickup truck suddenly crashed into her house. The truck was headed down the 500 block of Clermont Drive West when the driver encountered a problem, which resulted in the loss of control over the vehicle. The passenger grabbed the steering wheel and attempted to remove the driver’s foot from the gas pedal but was unable to maintain control. According to the Clay County Fire Rescue Chief, the truck made a big loop and went through a fence of another home before it crashed into the room of the house with the little girl. No one else was present in the room when the truck accident occurred. Family members pulled the little girl out from under the truck where she was surrounded by a pile of debris caused by the accident.

The unidentified girl and truck driver were taken to Orange Park Medical Center for treatment but no condition report has been released. The home suffered structural damage, but the county’s Technical Rescue Team were able to stabilize the ceiling and roof.

An automobile collision involving a child can be especially traumatic for all parties involved. Drivers of automobiles should pay special attention when driving in neighborhoods with children and also make sure their vehicles are functioning properly. For more information on this topic, see Child ends up under truck that crashes into Orange Park home

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