Pick Up Truck Crashes into a Pond – Maplewood Elementary School Teacher Dies – Florida Highway Patrol Seeks Help with Investigation


A Maplewood Elementary School teacher (Marion County) drowned after the teacher and her family were driven off the road by an unidentified driver. The second grade teacher – Carrie Hammer – of Ocklawaha, Florida was trying to get equipment from the vehicle that was in the pond for her son who has cerebral palsy. Her son was having some breathing problems due to being in the water. The equipment was needed to help suction her son. It is apparent from this tragic story that Carrie was a dedicated mother who put family first above all else in her life.

Another vehicle drove into the right of way of her husband, Sean Hammer, who was driving a truck. Mr. Hammer steered the truck off the road and into a pond to avoid a collision.

Carrie Hammer was later pronounced dead at the Munroe Regional Medical Center in Marion County, Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol is seeking assistance to help find the other driver who was in a white pick up truck or SUV. The other driver appears to be the cause of the accident. In addition, the other driver did not stop to render any help to this family who certainly was in need of assistance. Anyone with knowledge of this incident can contact the Florida Highway Patrol at 352-732-1260, ext. 236.

Marion County lost a very caring Special Education teacher. More importantly, the Hammer family lost a mother and wife to a tragedy that was caused by the negligence of another driver. Nothing can be done at this time to bring Carrie Hammer back but it would be nice to see justice done by locating the driver responsible for this tragedy. You can read more about this incident at Marion County Teacher in Crash / Drowning Remembered.