Pet Care / Dog Care in Florida: Vaccinations and Good Health

For the safety / good health of your pets, family, and children, it is important to keep your pets and the family dog in good health in Florida.


Thomas Lane, a Veternarian with the University of Florida, wrote a good article on Pet Care in Florida that provides a good outline for pet and dog owners to read.

Rabies is a virus disease that can be transmitted between animals and people. A dog bite is a classic example on how Rabies can be transmitted to a person if the dog is not properly vaccinated. The best way to prevent and limit the spread of Rabies is by vaccinating dogs and cats. Each county has its own regulations and registration requirements. As such, if you move to Florida or to another county within Florida, it is important to ask a local veterinarian or animal control officials as to the local county requirements.

Since a dog owner is responsible by Florida’s Dog Bite Statute for the damages associated with a dog bite in Florida, it is important for each and every dog owner in Florida to vaccinate dogs, pets, and other domestic animals for both legal and safety issues.

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