People Gather in Winter Park to Mourn Death of Kason Bailey – Pedestrian Killed in Accident


A candlelight vigil was held for Kason Baily, a 16-year-old male of Winter Park, Florida. Baily was recently killed after he was struck by two trucks while he attempted to cross Aloma Avenue.

Many neighbors around the Aloma Avenue area complain that the street is especially difficult to cross because there are no traffic lights nearby. And although a crosswalk was recently added, neighbors still complain that the absence of a traffic light makes the existence of the crosswalk useless. Even though cars are suppose to stop, neighbors crossing Aloma Avenue say this is hardly the reality. If you would like to read more on this story please see Vigil held for 16-year-old male who recently died while trying to cross Aloma Avenue in Winter Park, Florida.

The death of this teenage boy is a tragedy for his family and community. Hopefully, the city will formulate a plan that will make crossing this street safer for pedestrians. In the meantime, drivers need to be courteous to pedestrians and stop to let them cross. It may be inconvenient at times to stop at crosswalks, however, drivers have a duty to yield to pedestrians.

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