Pensacola, Florida – Teenager (Victor Steen) on Bike Killed During Police Chase


Victor Steen, 17, of Pensacola, Florida, died after being run over by a police car while being chased on his bicycle. The incident began when Officer Jerald Ard saw the boy around 2 am in a construction site. When Steen fled the scene on his bicycle, Ard pursued him in his police car. During the chase, Ard attempted to stun the teenager with a taser. Some time during the chase, Steen crashed his bicycle in the path of the police car and was run over.

Even though it does not appear that Steen was stunned by the taser, the incident has raised interest from a national civil rights group, which advocates a national stun gun policy. The group, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said that it will release a report in December that shows that 400 people have died from stun gun incidents. In response to concerns, the Pensacola police department changed its policy from “reasonable use” of stun guns to prohibiting shooting a stun gun from or at a moving vehicle.

Th Florida Highway Patrol and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are investigating Steen’s death. Officer Ard has been placed on administrative duty. It will ultimately be up to the Florida attorney general to decide if charges will be filed in this case.

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