Pediatricians Advise Parents Against the Ownership of Exotic Pets for Young Children


The American Academy of Pediatrics released a report that advises parents of young children of the hazards of owning exotic animals like baby chicks, lizards, hamsters, and other animals. Young children are at risk for infection and disease because of their developing immune systems and the frequency in which children put their fingers in their mouths. The report advises parents of children younger than 5 from owning these kind of pets. You can read more about this report at Doctors: No hamsters or exotic pets for young kids.

While the report does not recommend that families get rid of the family dog or cat, injuries do occur with domestic animals. Even the most tame of dogs is still an animal and will, at times, bite when provoked or even when unprovoked. A dog bite injury can have a devastating impact on a child who, because of the dog bite injury, may need the services of an emergency medicine doctor, neurologist, infectious disease expert, and / or a plastic surgey.