Pedestrian (Shenika Davis) Hit While Walking to Middleton High School in Tampa, Florida


In Florida and other States, millions of children walk to school every day. Unfortunately and quite tragically, many children are hit by vehicles while walking to school. When a child is struck by a vehicle, the injuries can be quite serious, and, in some instances, fatal. In one moment, a child is walking to school anticipating the ring of the bell to learn from the teachers and spend time with friends. In the next moment, the child is hit by a car and struggling for life. Recently, a child was hit by a pick up truck while on the way to her school – Middleton High School. It was reported that Shenika Davis was hit early in the morning while walking to school. The Florida pedestrian / automobile accident took place at East Hillsborough Avenue. Since a death resulted from this incident, local law enforcement and / or the Florida Highway Patrol will conduct an investigation to determine the actions of the pedestrian, the actions of the driving, and any other factors or conditions that may have caused or contributed to this fatal Florida pedestrian / automobile accident.

Shenika Davis was only 15 years old and would have turned 16 the week after the tragic accident. The death of this teen is certainly a shock and loss and for the family, neighborhood, school, and community. See Teen Hit by Pick Up Truck in Tampa, Florida.

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