Pedestrian and Crossing Safety for Small Children – Helpful Web Site and Advice


Pedestrian and crossing safety are very important concepts to teach small children. We, as parents, do our best to tell our children to stay out of the street, look both ways when crossing, and to hold our hands when crossing the street. The web site,, is a helpful site that has safety tips and programs for small children. Drivers frequently hit child pedestrians causing personal injuries in the form of head injuries and fractures because of excessive speed and the failure to drive carefully around neighborhoods, school zones and playgrounds.

As noted in the site, children between the ages of five and ten years old do not have good judgment at times and overestimate their abilities to cross the street and deal with traffic. Driver often do not see children because of their size and the visibility of a child crossing from a bush, parked cars and other obstructions.

I recommend that all parents, teachers, and child caretakers teach children basic safety measures. Read through Pedestrian and Crossing Safety at the web site for additional tips.

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