Parking Pal – Great Product to Teach Young Children about Parking Lot Safety


Children are exposed to the risks of parking lots everyday in cities from Jacksonville, Florida to Seattle Washington. The risks of parking lots to children involve inattentive drivers and children with poor safety judgment. The safety tips in this blog post and others in my blog can help avoid automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, and trucking accidents that often involve injuries to Florida children.

Children often times see parking lots as just another playgrounds while drivers see parking lots as just another speedway. I recently read about a great safety product called Parking Pal which is a simple but very smart safety product for parents and caregivers of young children. Parking Pal is a bright magnetic decal. You place Parking Pal on the side of your car in a place where the children can stand and touch the Parking Pal. Parking Pal is a device to remind young children about safety and where to stand. It is also a bright sign to others that children may be near and to slow down. Parking Pal was developed by a concerned and inventive parent from Virginia who thought of a way to teach her child about safety and make the lessons stick both figuratively and literally. Use Parking Pal and other safety tips and reminders to keep your children safe in parking lots. In addition, when driving in or through any parking lot, watch out for children and other pedestrians.