Parents: Beware of Creepy Neighbors and Others – Man Arrested to Placing Hidden Camera in 10 Year Old Neighbor’s Bathroom


Child predators are online and in our neighborhoods. It is often times hard to identify these child predators and sexual offenders. Many get away with their deviant acts for years. Fortunately, the law and time catches up with some of these offenders who then must serve prison time and register as sex offender / child predators. In Macomb County, Michigan, Stephen Ray Keller put a hidden camera in his neighbor’s house so he could watch a 10 year old girl in the bathroom. You can read more about this story which does end with Keller’s arrest in this month’s newsletter at Parents: Beware of Creepy Neighbors and Others.

It is hard to keep every single person out of your house to completely prevent incidents like this; however, it is important to observe and be alert to anyone entering your home who you do not know very well. Mr. Keller is not only heading to prison but he will also get prominent placement on the sex offender / sex predator list. Keep creeps and hidden cameras out of your house to the best of your ability.