Parental Rights in Florida – Tattoos and Tanning Salons


In Florida and other States, teens often show poor judgment when making decisions that could have a permanent effect on their life or put their health, safety, and welfare in danger. Tanning salons may present a health risk to minors. Like with anything else, it has to do with overuse, misuse, and improper use. In Florida, a minor must obtain written consent from a parent to go to and use a tanning salon. There is some talk about making these laws more strict by requiring a parent to actually attend each session and / or to restrict the use of the tanning salons to a certain age.

Tattoos can be dangerous if done improperly and if universal precautions are not followed as to the equipment. In addition, a tattoo can and often times does have a permanent effect on a person. Yes, there are procedures now in place to remove tattoos but there are still risk of deformity and scarring even with modern science. This especially applies to sensitive areas of the body like the hands, neck, and face. In Florida, a minor cannot get a tattoo without the signed and notarized consent of a parent. The consent is required but the attendance of a parent is not required. Georgia has a more stringent law that prohibits the tattooing of any person under the age of 18 years old. Of course, there are ways around this law like driving to Florida or another State where the laws are not as strict.

Special laws are in place for tattoos and tanning salons because teens often lack good judgment. Peer pressure can also play a role. Tattoo parlors and tanning salons have a duty to follow the law on these matters. You can read a good article about these issues at Tattoos and the Power of the Parental Veto in Florida.