Parasailing Accident Injures Two Children


Two children were injured in Destin, Florida after a line broke on a parasail. At the time of the incident, the parasail boat was being towed in due to bad weather. The children sustained minor injured and were taken to a hospital in Pensacola, Florida. The incident is being investigated to determine if charges will be brought.

An accident like this raises many legal issues:

What was the business’s procedures for bad weather?

Should the children have been taken down from the parasail at the first sight of bad weather?

Who is liable for the injury? The children’s medical bills?

Parents and child supervisors should always be concerned with the safety of their children. Watersports are very popular during this time year and although watersports like parasailing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and water skiing may be fun there are still dangers involved. Many watersport businesses will have an adult or guardian sign an injury waiver for the child. It is important to read the waiver and ask for a copy so you are knowledgeable about what rights you as an adult or guardian have waived. In some circumstances the injuries waived are different than the ones sustained and you may still have a valid claim. Furthermore, Florida Courts have frowned upon release waivers that are against public policy. Recreational areas and businesses have a duty to act reasonably and to provide safety measures and devices to children. The failure to do so cannot and should not be excused by the signing of an overbroad and often times unenforceable “waiver”.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you on these questions and issues.

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