Panama City, Florida – Louis Miles Treckey Jr. Arrested for Allegedly Molesting Child He Was Driving to Day Care Center


The Panama City, Florida Police Department has arrested 63-year-old Louis Miles Treckey, Jr. and charged him with one count of lewd and or lascivious molestation of a child under the age of 12 years.

According to a story posted at the website, Treckey, an acquaintance of the child’s family, had been asked by them to drive their 2 ½ year-old child to daycare. Treckey arrived at the daycare nearly two hours after picking the child up at home. The child said things to the daycare providers that caused them to suspect that the child had been molested by Treckey. They notified the child’s family, and the child was examined at a local hospital. Treckey was arrested without incident sometime later that day.

Of course, Mr. Treckey will be entitled to a criminal defense attorney / lawyer on this case. The news story did not report the exact statements of the child or what forensic evidence (if any) was obtained through the medical examination at the hospital. The story also did not mention whether Mr. Treckey had any kind of explanation for the extended or prolonged time period between picking up the child and delivering the child to the day care center.

The day care center did the right thing in reporting this matter. It was not only the right thing but it is also the law in Florida. A day care provider has a duty to report suspected cases or matters of abuse to the Florida Department of Children and Families. A day care provider does not actually have to witness the incident. The day care provider only needs to have a reasonable suspicion of abuse under Florida law.

Parents should not have to worry when they send their child to school with a trusted adult. It is a shame when a child’s family was fooled by their acquaintance into believing that he was a trustworthy person. The daycare staff should be commended for noticing the child’s cry for help and taking the appropriate steps to protect the child by reporting this matter to law enforcement officials / Florida Department of Children and Families.

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