Palm Springs, Florida – Child Injured While Trying to Recreate Experiment


Ryan Gooding, of Palm Springs, Florida and friend saw a science experiment on that looked interesting to them, and decided to try to do the experiment on their own. The experiment was creating a rocket out of a plastic soda bottle using vinegar and baking soda.

But when Ryan and his friend were ready to launch the rocket, the bottle accidentally exploded in Ryan’s face, causing chemical burns, lacerations, a broken nose and temporary blindness in one eye. Ryan was hospitalized. Unfortunately, the family’s health insurance policy lapsed two days before the accident took place, and now his mother is trying to figure out how to pay the hospital bills for her son’s care.

Experiments and entertainment on TV and the Internet often look very tempting to young kids, who do not have a fully-developed sense of caution when it comes to dangerous activities. Parents need to help their children understand that mimicking stunts and experiments performed by professionals is dangerous and could get them hurt. The news story did not point out the link to the video Ryan was watching, but one can only hope that it had an appropriate warning for children not to try the experiment at home without supervision.

Read more about Ryan and his family’s plight at Child injured recreating YouTube experiment.

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