Palm Coast Teen (Samantha Schleh) Dies While Trying to Help Injured Dog in Roadway


A Palm Coast, Florida teen, Samantha Schleh, age 19, died while standing on State Road A1A. Samantha and her friend, Michael Griffin, were trying to direct traffic and vehicles away from a dog that had been hit by a car. From news reports, it is difficult to determine if the incident was avoided or not. What was the lighting in the area? What was the speed limit in the area? What were road conditions? What were traffic conditions? How did the dog get hit to begin with? Was the dog a stray or owned by somebody? It is most unfortunate that a young woman (Samantha Schleh) lost her life especially while she was trying to do a good deed. The Florida Highway Patrol will evaluate the incident and prepare a homicide report as to the contributing factors and causes of the death of Samantha Schleh. See Palm Coast Florida Teen Dies While Trying to Help Injured Dog.