Palm Coast (Flagler County) Florida Man Arrested for Using Electronic Device (Mobile Phone) to Meet a 16 Year Old for Sex


In Florida, adults, who travel to high schools with plans on having sex with underage students, get arrested. The Florida Times Union (Jacksonville) newspaper reported that Obtravies Andre Watkins was arrested and charged with a felony crime. Mr. Watkins and a 16 year old girl exchanged text messages. The child’s father contacted police about this matter after he found several text messages on his daughter’s phone. Mr. Watkins made arrangements to meet the girl at school where he was ultimately arrested at Flagler (Florida) Palm Coast High School.

Of course, Mr. Watkins will be entitled to a defend himself through a criminal defense attorney. However, it would appear that the evidence on this case in the form of the text messages and his driving to the high school will be hard to overcome.

Furthermore, Mr. Watkins was already a registered sex offender even before this arrest. It seems that Mr. Watkins did not reform himself from his prior crimes even with the knowledge of the consequences of his actions.

Some may argue that the girl was 16 year old and certainly knew what she was doing; however, it is important to note that States like Florida need to set the age limit for sexual intercourse at some age. Teenagers including those at 16 and 17 are vulnerable to the advances of older men and Florida law should protect these children.