Palm Coast Couple – Victims of Road Rage – Man Shot By Fleeing Truck Driver


A 69 year old driver and his 68 year old wife were the victims of an act of road rage recently. The driver sustained a bullet injury to his arm and was taken to Baptist Medical Center South in Jacksonville, Florida for treatment. The couple noticed the pick up truck was tailgating them prior to the shooting. Apparently, the driver of the pick up truck was angry with the couple and took his “road rage” out on them by shooting at them. We do not live in a world of Grand Theft Auto which is a popular video game where the driver runs over people and shoot them. Unfortunately, there is little information available for the suspect as the couple did not obtain the suspect’s tag number or even the State where the truck was from.

Road rage incidents like these are hard to prevent and predict. Since we cannot predict the intentional or negligent actions of other drivers and many at fault driver will flee the scene, it is advisable to have Uninsured Motorist insurance in place to have that added insurance coverage for injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering caused by an uninsured, underinsured, or phantom / fleeing driver / vehicle. Stay safe on the roads. Hopefully, the rest of you will have the good fortune of keeping away from unstable drivers who have a habit of waving and shooting their guns.