Palm Beach County, Florida — Fifteen Children in One Community Diagnosed with Brain Cancer


The Florida Department of Health is investigating a possible brain cancer cluster in The Acreage, a community in Palm Beach County, Florida. Fifteen children in the area have been diagnosed with cancerous brain tumors; thirteen of the children were diagnosed with the disease between 1995 and 2008, while the last two were diagnosed in the later part of this year, just as the investigation was getting under way.

Local parents had believed that contaminated well water was to blame for the outbreak, but the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has performed a random testing of fifty wells in the area and found no contamination. Health officials are currently interviewing residents to try to determine common factors that may lead investigators to the source of the cluster of cancer occurrences.

Parents of children who live in the area will no doubt be very uneasy until the cause of the brain tumors has been identified. Concerned parents can read more about the cancer cluster and the investigation by the Florida Department of Health at Cancer Cluster Investigation Launched in Florida County After 15 Children Are Diagnosed With Brain Tumors.