Palm Bay, Florida – Mom and Six Children Attacked at Home


Three masked men with guns broke into a Palm Bay home where five children, ranging in age from ten months to fifteen years old, were waiting for their mother to return home from the hospital with another of her children who needed stitches for an unrelated injury. The mother returned from the hospital and walked in on the gunmen shortly after they had broken in to the home and forced the children to lie down on the living room floor. After the mother arrived home, they threatened the ten month old baby with a gun, choked the eleven year old, threatened the family dog, demanded money, stole all the Christmas presents, and finally poured boiling oil on the mother and her fifteen year old daughter. The young girl is still in the hospital with third degree burns from the oil.

Police believe that the armed intruders may be acquaintances of one of the children’s uncles. The investigation is still under way. This horrific intrusion and torture is very hard to read about. You can read more about this crime and the investigation at Mom, Children Tortured In Palm Bay Home.