Palm Bay Florida Day Care Owner (Creative Years Learning Day Care) Arrested for Child Abuse


A Palm Bay, Florida day care owner has been accused and arrested for child abuse. Paul Green, owner of Creative Years Learning Day Care on Malabar Road in Palm Bay, Florida was arrested when it a 3 year old reported to an employee that Mr. Green caused a severe bruise on the right year of the boy. The boy stated that “Paul did it.” Of course, the statement came from a 3 year old boy and it is difficult to tell from these facts alone what happened. The police appear to have probable cause to investigate and arrest Mr. Green for this act that caused a visible and traumatic injury to a Florida child. The criminal case will be investigated by the police and local state attorney’s office. The State of Florida must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Green committed a crime of child abuse. The criminal case is different than a civil case. In a civil case, the family must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the child was abused or neglected. Preponderance of the evidence is the “more likely than not” standard of proof. If Mr. Green’s actions were intentional meaning he intended on hitting and injuring the child, these actions may not be covered under the liability insurance policy for the day care center.

The Florida Department of Children and Families should be notified any time that it is suspected that a child has been abused or neglected at a Florida day care or child care center. Photographs should be taken and an incident report should be documented. Parents who place their children in the care of a day care and child care center have the right to demand and expect good care. When a child is injured through negligent acts or intentional acts of a child care worker or owner of the center, action should be taken to address the transgressions. The arrest of Paul Green, owner of Creative Years Learning Day Care Center, was reported at Central Florida 13 News Web Site at Central Florida Day Care Owner Arrested for Child Abuse.

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