Palm Bay, Florida – Couple (Adriyanna Herdner and Wilfredo Rivera) Charged With Child Abuse After Washing Daughter’s Mouth Out with Soap


The eight-year old daughter of Adriyanna Herdener and her boyfriend, Wilfredo Rivera, was allegedly forced to chew on soap for ten minutes after saying an expletive. According to the Palm Bay Police Department, the child was vomiting, crying and begging to rinse her mouth, but Rivera told her she would have to clean up the mess first. The girl and her younger sibling were placed in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Young children will periodically use swear words, whether they are ignorant of the meaning or testing their parents. Submitting the child to ten minutes of ingesting a poisonous substance is not an appropriate reaction for a parent. It is unfortunate that poor parenting skills often lead to abuse.

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