Orlando Police Department Officer Shoots Pit Bull Deemed to be Dangerous


The Orlando Police Department recently shot and killed a pit bull dog that was deemed to be dangerous by the responding officer. Any time that an officer pulls his or her weapon – it should be a careful decision based on the facts and circumstances as they exist at the time of the shooting. The officer assessed the situation and put down this dog was appeared to be dangerous to the point that the dog put the officers and public at risk. Some dog advocates may argue that there was a more humane way to deal with this animal. Others may argue that the officer prevented serious personal injuries that could have resulted from the unpredictable and seemingly dangerous disposition of this dog. It was reported in the Orlando Sentinel that attempts were first made to capture the dog but these attempts failed. See Pit Bull Attack – Orlando Police Department Shoots and Kills Dangerous Dog.

This shooting follows another recent incident that took place in the Orlando area where a 3 year old was attacked and killed by a dog.