Motorcyclist (Loyd A. Scott) Dies in Accident Near Austin Tindall Regional Soccer Park in Kissimmee, Florida


In Kissimmee (Osceola), Florida, a tragic motorcycle accident took place in front of Austin Tindall Regional Park on Boggy Creek Road. The accident took place on a sunny Sunday as the Bazooka Soccer Tournament was taking place. Even over the roars and shouts of parents watching their children play soccer, the loud boom of the motorcycle crash could be heard from Boggy Creek Road. Some soccer parents including one that was a medical doctor and one that was an emergency room nurse rushed over to the scene after hearing the motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist’s injuries were too severe for the biker to recover from.

The Orlando Sentinel later reported a story about this Kissimmee motorcycle accident at Traffic Fatality – Orlando Man Killed in Osceola County Crash. Loyd A. Scott, age 61, was the man who died in this accident. He was eastbound on his motorcycle on Boggy Creek Road. As Scott was riding his motorcycle, a van driven by Joseh P. Marek attempted to make a left hand turn. Thereafter, Scott crashed his motorcycle into the left side of the van. Fire rescue and police including Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene. A full investigation will be completed to determine the cause of the accident including the speed and direction of the vehicles.

In addition to some soccer parents, some children were present during the aftermath of this accident. A normal sunny Sunday turned tragic for the motorcyclist, his family, and his friends.

On Kissimmee and other city roadways, drivers should exercise the utmost caution when driving. This especially applies to driving near schools, parks, and other areas where children may be. Drivers should pay special attention to pedestrians, bicyclists, and, yes, motorcyclists.

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