Orlando, Florida – Three Year Old Attacked by Dog – Again


A three year old Orlando boy was seriously injured when he was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The child was reportedly playing with his parents in their yard, when the child’s parents noticed that their family dog was acting out of character.

Soon after, a strange pit bull ran into the yard and bit the child in the face. The family’s dog chased the pit bull off while the parents rushed the child into the house. Deputies who responded to the incident tried to corner the pit bull and were forced to shoot and kill the dog when it attempted to charge them.

The boy was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries including lacerations on head; the child’s father was injured in the attack as well. Neighbors are quite upset that someone would let an aggressive pit bull wander around the neighborhood unattended. Police have still not identified the dog’s owners.

This is not the first time the child was attacked by a dog. The boy had his leg bitten by a dog about a year ago when his family was visiting with friends. You can read more about this story at Boy Seriously Injured In Dog Attack.