Orlando, Florida – Teenage Girl (Rifqa Bary) Runs Away to Florida After Converting to Christianity


Rifqa Bary, a 17-year-old Sri Lankan girl who had been living in Ohio with her parents, ran away from home after converting to Christianity. Mohamed Bary, the girl’s father, reported that the police tracked Rifqa to Pastor Blake Lorenz of the Global Revolution Church in Orlando, Florida. Bary is claiming that the Orlando church is a cult and that Lorenz has brainwashed his daughter. Rifqa has claimed that she feared her parents would kill her for turning her back on Islam.

An Orlando judge ordered the girl into the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families until a hearing could be held. At the hearing, Orlando Judge Daniel Dawson ruled that the proper jurisdiction for the case was Ohio. The case has been complicated by the Bary family’s failure to produce proper immigration documents to prove that Rifqa and the rest of the family are in the country legally. The judge ruled that Rifqa must remain in Florida until the immigration documents are furnished.

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