Orlando, Florida Ranks Worst in the Nation for Pedestrian Safety According to Study


According to a study by the Transportation for America and the Surface Transporation Policy Partnership, Metropolitan Orlando is noted for being the most dangerous area for pedestrians. Orlando is a tourist and business city with wide roads and millions of pedestrians attempting to cross the roads every year. The design of the city, according to some safety advocates, was more geared for the motorist rather than the pedestrians, runners, and / or bicycle riders. In the four county area including Seminole, Orange, Lake and Osceola county, it was reported that there were 115 people hit and killed by by vehicles in 2007 – 2008. Orlando is a great place to live and a great vacation destination city for many; however, it is also dangerous in many of the high traffic areas especially commerce and business areas supporting tourism. Whether you are in Orlando or any other city, be careful any time that you cross a street or are near a heavy traffic area. This is especially important when children are with you or nearby as children often times have poor safety judgment and awareness when crossing streets. You can read more about this study and the dangers of Orlando area traffic at Pedestrians Should Be Careful – Orlando Ranked Worst in the Nation.