Orlando, Florida Fire Claims Life of Boy – What Are the Duties of Apartment Owners?


In Orlando, Florida, a child was the tragic and unfortunate victim of a fire at an apartment complex. It was reported that at least four other people were also injured in this fire. The fire took place in Orange County (Orlando), Florida which is subject to the Municipal Code for the City of Orlando if the building is located within the city limits of Orlando, Florida. The City of Orlando Municipal Code requires that every dwelling unit within an apartment complex have a functioning smoke detector in place. This is the responsibility of the landlord / property owner to install and inspect smoke detectors for the safety and protection of the tenants and occupants. Fire rescue crews found only one working smoke detector in the building. An investigation will be completed into this matter to determine if the building / dwelling units were in compliance with the City of Orlando Municipal Code or other applicable fire protection laws in place. You can review various provisions of smoke detector / fire prevention provisions at City of Orlando Municipal Code.

The interpretation and applicability of city and county ordinances can be complicated. Furthermore, there are other issues that arise in situations of this nature including the following: How was the fire caused? Was the fire preventable? Would smoke alarms have saved this child’s life? What other fire prevention or safety measures were in place? What was the status of the electrical system and ventilation system for this complex? What insurance coverage would apply to the injuries and deaths suffered as a result of this fire? These questions and others can be addressed by a Florida Child Injury Lawyer.

The death of this child is a great loss for this family and the community. You can read more about this story at Orlando, Florida (Orange County) Boy Dies in Fire – Others Suffer Personal Injuries.