Orlando, Florida Disney World – Theme Park Liability for Personal Injuries Including Injuries to Children


Walt Disney World recently announced plans to expand the Fantasyland part of the theme park in Orlando, Florida. Disney will add a Little Mermaid Theme Ride. In addition, plans include relocating the Dumbo ride and adding a Circus theme part of Fantasyland. See Walt Disney World Facelift Will be Biggest Renovation in Theme Park’s History.

Theme Parks like Disney World need to update and renovate over time in order to attract more business and re-energize those who have visited Disney in the past. In addition it is important to renovate in order to update safety precautions for guests including children who visit the park. Safety precautions that were put in place 20 years ago have been and should be updated. In adding new rides and taking down old ones, Disney can evaluate and re-evaluate safety measures.

Many people believe that Disney will pay for any injury that takes place on its premises. Not true. Disney has a duty to provide for a reasonably safe environment. Disney has a duty to inspect and maintain its theme park. Just because a child happens to be injured while visiting the theme park does not mean that there is civil liability for the injury. Each injury or incident is evaluated on its own merits. Issues or questions that arise include the following:

*Where did the incident take place in the theme park?

*Was there anything that a Disney employee did or failed to do that caused the injury?

*Was there a maintenance issue or mechanical defect that caused the injury?

*Was there anything that Disney and its staff could have or should have done to prevent the injury?

*Were there any witnesses to the incident?

*Did any employees of Disney make any statements regarding the incident, maintenance in the area, or condition in the area?

While Disney is a big company that rakes in millions every day, Disney will not just open its “wallet” because there is an injury that takes place at the park. If there is no fault on the part of Disney or if it is difficult to prove fault, Disney, in most cases, will challenge or fight any attempt to collect money from Disney. In most cases, it is helpful to have the advice, counsel and representation of a Florida child injury attorney or a Florida personal injury lawyer to find out your legal rights and options.

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