Orlando Florida 6 Year Old Injured After Falling Off ATV

An Orlando Florida 6 Year old was seriously injured after falling off an ATV. Jeremy Mincey, age 19, was operating the ATV which tipped over on top of the 6 year old. After the incident, Mincey tried to sneak away to avoid responsibility for incident which was witnessed by several people. Police arrived on the scene and arrested Mincey for child neglect and resisting an officer. It was reported that the girl may have spine or skull injuries. 6 Year Old Injured in ATV Accident.

Section 316.2074, Florida Statutes – All Terrain Vehicles – ATV requires that all persons under the age of 16 years old shall ride or operate an ATV without an approved helmet.

The 6 year old was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. As you can see by the tragic story in Orlando, it is important for a child to wear a helmet while on an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), motorcycle, and bicycle. It is unknown if the child had permission from a parent to occupy the ATV.

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