Orange Park, Florida – Child Protection Expert Teaches Parents How to Protect Their Children from Predators


After Somer Thompson was kidnapped and murdered last October, her memorial was held in the First Baptist Church of Orange Park, Florida. That same church was recently the site of a training seminar aimed at teaching parents how to keep their children safe from predators. Ken Wooden, a child protection expert, provided the 300 parents who attended with a list of “lures” that predators use to attract their victims. According to Wooden, if you teach your kids the lures, they will be better able to resist them.

Wooden, who runs the organization Child Lures and Teen Lures Prevention, told the audience that the most common lures play on a child’s need for attention, their desire to be helpful or to obey those with real or perceived authority. Wooden says that the lures are so powerful they can even be used on older “children” on college campuses or military bases.

Wooden’s program is so successful that it is even used by the United States Secret Service, United States – State Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations – FBI. Florida law enforcement officers in attendance at the Orange Park event said that they could remember many cases where the lures Wooden discussed were used to abduct a child.

Members of Somer’s family attended the program, and said that they hoped the information would help other families. Read more about the program and the common lures at Child protection begins with recognizing the lures.

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