Orange County Public Schools – Tougher School Board Policies on Sexting and Cyber Bully Acts


The Orange County School Board is considering implementing tougher policies regarding students “sexting”. Under the new, stricter policy, students caught sexting (sending sexy photos or dirty text messages via cell phone) could be expelled. And, under Florida law those caught sending sexually explicit photos of underage students could be charged with transmitting child pornography. The changes could take place next month, after the School Board examines the proposed policies.

Under the new policy, students who send sexually explicit messages or photos from home or over the weekend could risk being expelled if the messages or photos cause a commotion at the school. Also, school officials are given broader authority to confiscate students’ cell phones. The policy also tightens up on “cyber-bullying” – using electronic devices to pick on students or others. If you would like to read more on this topic please see The School Board of Orange County, Florida tightens up on sexting and cyber-bullying within its schools.

Hopefully more school districts across the State of Florida will follow Orange County’s approach to sexting and cyber-bullying. Social networking websites and cell phones are so accessible to teenagers. Therefore, the rules and policies of every school district need to take into consideration the dangers that these sites and cell phones create.

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