Orange County, Florida – Daycare Center Repeatedly Vandalized by Homeless, Owner (Marco Infante) Adds Security Measures


The Happyland Learning Academy in Orange County, Florida is changing their cleaning and security measures after being repeatedly vandalized by homeless people living on or near Semoran Boulevard. Owner Marco Infante has installed better locks and added advanced security measures to protect the children who come to his daycare center. He has also spent a good deal of time making sure cigarette butts, beer cans and other garbage are cleaned up before the children arrive each morning. The children’s parents did not seem concerned by the vandalism, saying that they believed the school provides a safe environment. Happyland and other day care centers should take their best efforts to provide for a safe and clean environment for children in the center. It is unfortunate that people unconnected with a day care center would take actions that could affect the safety and welfare of children.

Florida daycare centers are responsible for properly supervising children, including securing the facility and playground so that children are not injured or harmed. Parents who have their children in day care centers should inspect the facility and ask staff what measures are put in place to protect the children from potentially dangerous trash items in the playground or from strangers wandering onto the property.

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