Orange County Dog Bit Attack on 10 Year Old Boy Leads to Shooting of Dog by Orange County Deputy Sheriff


Daniel Oliff, a ten-year-old boy, was bit by a Pit Bull breed dog, Buddha, on the leg. Oliff was playing in the back yard of a Orange County, Florida residence when the attack occurred, the Pit Bull was later shot and killed by a deputy. Fabio Pagani, one of the dog’s owners, stated she had no idea how the pit bull got outside because door was closed. Pagani also stated that within the 6-month of ownership, the dog had never been aggressive. According to authorities, as the deputies were awaiting the arrival of local animal control services, the Pit Bull became aggressive and lunged at one of the deputies. A deputy responded by firing two shots at the dog, killing the animal. To read more on this topic see Pit bull attacks 10-year-old Orange County boy. To read about a previous pit bull attack in Orange County, Florida see Pit Bull Attack in Orange County Near Apopka Shows Dangers of Pit Bulls.

Pit Bull breed dogs are frequently mention in news reports as “fighting dogs” and/or “dangerous dogs”. In addition, a study conducted by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that pit bulls are the most common breed of dogs involved in fatal attacks. Florida law makes a dog owner liable for any injuries caused by the dog even if the dog had no prior dog bites, propensities, or indications for aggressive or violent behavior.

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