One Year Old (Bernard Davis) Dies After Being Left in Pickup Truck – Caregiver (Shantel Wilcher) Charged


Florida’s hot summers can be very dangerous to children especially those children left in hot cars. In Jacksonville, Florida, a 1 year old (Bernard Davis) was under the care of a babysitter, Shantel Wilcher, who left Bernard Davis in a hot car for 2 hours or possibly longer. Once she realized that she left the boy in the car, she went to the car and brought Bernard into the house. Thereafter, she performed CPR and Fire Rescue was called. Police report that Ms. Wilcher and others may have provided false information regarding the investigation. According to news reports, Ms. Wilcher was operating a non-licensed day care center.

This tragic story illustrates the importances of standards and licensing for day care centers. While hyperthermia deaths also have happened with licensed day care operators, the lack of licensing shows a day care center’s attempt to cut corners as to the licensing, staffing, facilities, and overall standards. Most day care centers have rules and procedures for travel outside the day care center and require a checklist and other quality assurance measures to prevent these type of incidents from taking place.

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