What Are the Legal Rights in Florida When a Child Is Injured or Dies in an Automobile Accident?


In Florida, children are the unfortunate victims of personal injuries when there is an automobile accidents. Injuries range from minor ones to very serious ones that can affect a child for a lifetime. Tragically, some children even die in an automobile accident. It is a parent’s worst nightmare to have to say goodbye and attend the funeral of his or her own child especially then the Florida automobile accident was avoidable. Negligent driving can involve speeding, driver distraction, and other forms of carelessness or inattention.

When a child dies or is injured in a Florida automobile accident, there are often many issues and challenges faced by the family / parents of the injured child. It is stressful enough dealing with the accident itself. Thereafter, there are stresses related to medical care, medical bills, and, when a death occurs, the loss of the child.

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When a person dies in Florida as a result of the negligence of a third party, the surviving family members can pursue a cause of action for the wrongful death of the victim. The Florida Wrongful Death Act details the type of damages that can be pursued and the family members who qualify as survivors for purpose of compensation or damages in a Florida Wrongful Death Act.

David Wolf is an attorney based in Jacksonville Florida who has dedicated his entire legal career to protecting, safeguarding and enforcing rights of children. It is vital that the child and family members get advice, consultation, and legal representation on child injury matters including those related to the Florida Wrongful Death of a child.

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