Ocoee Man Sexually Abused Over 5 Year Time Period – (Donald Taylor Arrested)


An Ocoee man has been arrested in Orange County, Florida for sexually abusing two teenage girls. Donald Taylor, age 34, has been accused of abusing two girls over a five year period according to a news story reported in the Orlando Sentinel.

In Florida and other states, some molestation criminal and civil cases involve a one time act. Others involve acts over a period of time. Molesting a child one time is one time too many. Molesting a child over a long period of time like 5 years is truly unconscionable and, if true, should result in a much longer prison sentence for the criminal defendant.

Victimizing a child can have long reaching and permanent psychological effects on a child. As such, prosecutors should seek the maximum prison terms for criminals of this nature. You can read more about this story at – Police – Ocoee Man Accused of Molesting Girls Over a 5 Year Period.