O’Carroll Homes – Employees Face Charges of Burning Developmentally Delayed Child with Iron


State and private facilities for developmentally delayed children should be safe havens for the children where they are supervised for by professionals and child care providers acting in the best interest of the children. Unfortunately, some children are abused and neglect in these facilities in Florida and other states. It was reported that employees from O’Carroll Homes in Palatka (Putnam County) Florida burned a developmentally disabled child with an iron. Various agencies including the Palatka Police Department and the Florida Department of Children and Families investigated this incident. Five people were arrested regarding this incident. It was reported that one employee burned the child while another held the child’s legs. You can read more about this story at Employees Charged with Crimes Involving a Developmentally Disabled Child Who Was Burned at the O’Carroll Homes Facility in Palatka Florida.

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