Ocala Florida Mom Arrested for Defrauding Church Members Out of Money – Don’t Lie about Your Child’s Health to Get a Buck


An Ocala mother was arrested for defrauding church members out of money in Ocala (Marion County), Florida. She told church members that her child had cancer and needed money for a medically necessary kidney transplant. The whole story was a hoax and the mother merely took the money for her own personal use. She received prayer, money, and then an extended invitation to the local jail. You can read about this story at Florida Mother Defrauds Church Members in Ocala, Florida.

It is a shame that a mother would bring a child into a fraudulent scheme of this nature. It sets a bad example for other parents and children for that matter. While Misty Dawn Everly was arrested and did apologize for her actions, it does not erase or wash away her conduct. It is a criminal case that should be prosecuted accordingly.