Ocala Florida Man Faces Murder Charges in Death of Infant Cousin

An Ocala Florida man faces murder charges in the death of an infant cousin. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested Rishi Abraham Ramgoolie for the death of a 5 month old cousin that he was baby sitting. Mr. Ramgoolie gave two different accounts on how he discovered the infant coughing up blood. According to news reports, neither versions supported the physical or medical evidence regarding the injuries. Further investigation will be completed by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office. You can read the story at Ocala Man Faces Murder Charges.

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This story shows the importance of having a reliable and trust worthy babysitter in place for your children. Just because a person is a blood relative does not make that person responsible or a good babysitter.

Of course, Mr. Ramgoolie will have the opportunity to defend himself with a private criminal attorney or the public defender. The follow up article to this story revealed that the infant had multiple skull fractures. See Infant’s Skull Had Multiple Fractures – Baby Sitter Charged Murder.

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