Nutrition and Your Child – Tips for Florida Children


As a Florida parent, there are many daily challenges. These include the basics – food, shelter and clothing. Of course, there is also soccer practice, birthday parties, video games, and thousands of other things. Back to the basics – good nutrition is often times a difficult task when parents are challenged by the bright lights and allure of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Zaxby’s, Krystal Burgers, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and all the other fast food chains and unhealthy food out there. How do you compete with the ease, taste, and cheap costs of bad food? The fast food industry even throws toys into some meals. Wow, what a marketing machine! Any way, Florida parents should keep in mind who is the captain of the ship, who controls the transportation, and who controls the funds when making decisions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many children do not get the appropriate recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. There are supplements out there and as a parent – you should make the decision as to what is proven, what makes sense, and what is best for your child. You may want to check out Juice Plus which is a gummy type of supplement for fruits and vegetables. I tried them and they taste fine. Also, it is my understanding that Juice Plus does not pose the risks of overdose and toxicity as compared with other children’s vitamins like Flintstones. If your son or daughter thought that Flintstones were Sweat Tarts and consumed a whole jar – you probably need to call 911, poison control, your pediatrician, or go to the local Florida emergency room. For more information about Juice Plus, you can visit the web site of a friend (Angie Conlan) who has been a consultant for Juice Plus for the past several years. Go to Juice Plus – Angie Conlan to find out more about Juice Plus and good nutrition for your children.