Nursing Malpractice Leads to Lawsuit Against Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center in Polk County Florida


A lawsuit was recently filed against the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center. The case involves allegations of nursing / medical malpractice that resulted in the amputation of a baby’s pinky. It was reported that a nurse at the hospital intended to cut an intravenous tube but severed the child’s finger by mistake. The nurse was so upset that she rushed out of the room after the incident. You can read more about this case at Lawsuit Filed Due to Nursing / Medical Malpractice in Polk County Florida.

Unlike many malpractice cases filed in the State of Florida, it does not appear that liability or fault is going to be an issue or challenge in this case. The nurse made a mistake and it appears that the attorneys for the nurse and the hospital will not have much of a liability defense on this case; however, it should be noted that many cases that seem clear cut are often challenged as to proof and evidence. Often times, medical malpractice cases turn into a battle of the experts and dueling opinions on science, medicine, causation, and damages.

Hopefully, the insurance carriers and Defendants will eventually offer a settlement that fairly compensates the child and her parents for the harm caused to this innocent child. Time will tell how the case turns out.

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