NRA Pushing to Ban Adoption Agencies from Inquiring about Prospective Parent’s Gun Ownership


Adoption agencies placing children with Florida parents are reportedly required by the Florida Department of Children and Families to inquire if the potential parents keep guns or ammunition in their home. Recently, a Brevard County, Florida couple hired an attorney after they took exception to being asked that question. The lawyer called a lobbyist for the NRA, who decided to try to change Florida law to restrict adoption agencies from asking about gun ownership.

According to the NRA, gun registration is illegal in Florida, and any documentation about gun ownership by a government agency is basically the same thing as establishing a gun registry. Further, gun rights advocates say that requiring parents to disclose gun ownership is a violation of their privacy rights. Senator Thad Altman, R-Melbourne, is sponsoring a bill to make “unlawful” for an adoption agency to ask about gun ownership. The bill is expected to pass.

Whether the bill passes or not, parental supervision along with the proper storage and locking of guns is a necessary step for gun owners to take to prevent gun related injuries and deaths involving children. The death or injury of a child from an accidental shooting is a great loss, and can be prevented with some basic safety precautions.

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