Notorious Irish Alleged Pedophile Sex Offender Found Living Freely in Florida


George Gibney left Ireland in 1994 and moved to Florida after a pedophile case against him lapsed due to the length of time since the alleged incidents occurred. The case included twenty seven alleged incidents of pedophilia. Since leaving Ireland for Florida, four new complaints against the former national swim coach have been made by former Irish swimmers who claim they were abused by Gibney while on the swim team. Irish police sent the files to the proper authorities, but no extradition warrant has been issued by the Irish government.

Now an American child protection agency, called Child AbuseWatch, is trying to have Gibney deported, saying that he lied on his Immigration form, which asks if the applicant has been arrested for or accused of a crime. Child AbuseWatch has distributed sex offender notification leaflets in the gated community where Gibney now lives; the community, Enterprise Cove, is located near Orange City, Florida.

It is not clear why the Irish government has not tried to extradite Gibney from the United States. Gibney is entitled to defend himself against the allegations. It is concerning that so many children and families have stepped forward with allegations against one man.

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