North Lauderdale (Broward County) Florida Baby Injured When Car Hit Apartment


In North Lauderdale, Florida, a baby suffered personal injuries when a vehicle crashed into the child’s apartment building. Parents do their best to protect their children from harm. Some incidents are unforeseeable. This is one of them. The Broward (County) Sheriff’s Office reported that an 8 month old baby and his parents were sleeping at the time of the crash. The driver, Siobhan Santucci, age 23, lost control of her Chevrolet Cobalt, drove up upon the sidewalk, over a fence, and then right into the apartment building. The child was treated at a local hospital and thereafter released.

Fortunately, there were no deaths or serious personal injuries that resulted from this accident. It was certainly quite a scare for the parents. Really, who would think a car would crash into your apartment building?

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