North Florida – St. Johns County Seize Pit Bulls Believed Training for Fighting

Any dog can bite . . . some dogs are trained to bite and fight. In Florida and other States, the training of dogs for fighting as well as the exhibition of dog fighting events can be the basis for criminal prosecution. St. Johns County officials searched a house located in Flagler Estates – St. Johns County believed to be the site of Pit Bull breeding, training, and fighting. Numerous items were found which indicate that the site was indeed used for these purposes. The items found included food supplements used to increase the size of dogs, sticks used to separate dogs when fighting, treadmills, weights and many other items. Seized Dogs Believed to Be Training for Fighting.

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Dog bite laws in Florida are clear. A person does not have to be bit by a trained fighting dog to pursue a claim or a lawsuit. In Florida, a dog owner is responsible for any dog bites. There are a few limited exceptions including ones for trespassers. If you have a question about a dog bite or related matters, it is often helpful to contact a Florida personal injury dog bite attorney about the respective rights and laws.

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